I have been saying this word a lot recently. I have missed out on some good and some bad situations. I have lost and gained friends and lost and gained time, but my respect and view for the word no has changed drastically.

There is a lot of power in that word. A lot more power than the word yes. Weter it is a deal, a relationship, or just in general. No, as silly as it sounds, can change your life.

“You can’t negotiate with someone unless you are willing to say ‘go to hell’.”
— a quote from a smart person that stuck with me.

I could spend a whole lot of time on this but I’ll cut to the finance side.

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Saying no to the stock market.

There is loads of opportunity in the stock market. I don’t think you can own a share or part of a share in every single company on the exchange. The S&P 500 and other ETFs do a good job of trying to.

The truth is there is always a company that ‘might’ become the next Apple or Microsoft.

I blend some of my investments into the smaller companies every now and then, actually, a small percentage of my main, long term, investing plan has small companies in it.

We have all heard the position… if you invested £1,000 into apple back in the ’90’s or 80’s you would have tripled your money… you would x amount more than your initial investment. That’s exceptional and all but the average person or even the average investor neglected apple back then. Justifiably. (depending on the time frame of course but there’s no need to try and confuse ourselves).

If you listen to the news, each month there’s the new apple or the new tesla to invest your money now for a big return in the future. We have all heard it before.

Being able to say no to those stonks because they don’t fit your criteria is only a good thing. Yes, you might miss the next Apple or Tesla, yes it will be frustrating, but the strength of being able to say no to that stonks solidifies your other investments and allows you to adjust and improve your current standards, and allows you to be able to change it and improve.

(Respect if you found the reference).

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There have been so many times when I was younger, and still, today (only the Co v v reduced this a little). Where I spent a lot or too much money, on women, nights out, and other forms of things (don’t get me started on gaming stuff).

I spent a lot of money on things I didn’t want to. Being able to say no. Being able to say I don’t want to… can really change your financial situation. Forget investing, forget raises, forget budgets for a moment.

Going out every weekend and spending £100–£200 (maybe this is a little much for most people but stick with me). When all you wanted to do or spend was £50 or £70 or what you actually wanted to do was spend the weekend on the ps4 with the new game and your boys or girls. #equality.

I’m not trying to say deny your experiences but being able to say I don’t want to buy that woman a drink or go to the club that has a £20 entry fee when another, better, cheaper one, is £5. Where everybody in school (or work) is wearing Nike but your happy wearing a non-branded, cheaper top or shoes.

Wear those bitches and flex your ISA account Savings.

We tend to focus on how to make more money when saying no and doing, or going, with the cheaper option does the equivalent thing. I’ll link a post I read recently which explained it better than I did. Written by Ben Le Fort.Generating Passive Income Is Hard, Here Is a Better OptionThe Brutal truth about passive

“When you can, ask yourself if you want to before you do.”
— Mathew McConaughy.

The more you say no to dumb stuff the more good stuff (eventually) comes into your life.

This brings me to a quick personal example. I promise it’s not too cringy.

I used to let people walk all over me. Needed me for an hour? I was there, even if I was doing something important. Needed £50 (which I… almost always made sure I got back) If I had it in the savings I’d let you borrow it, even if I was trying to save up for something I wanted. I could give examples for days but I finally started saying no.

Saying no to things I didn’t want to do. It started off with simple things. My girl wanted to meet after school? I couldn’t on Thursdays because that was football training day (or boxing on a Friday etc…). My friend needed help with homework when I had mine done. No. Again, I have examples for days.

I started taking back my time and money, my bank account grew, my investments, in time and money, became better. I stopped spending time and money on stuff I didn’t want to. I got rejected a lot in the past, and still today, but now I was/am doing some of the rejection and not seeing it as a massively selfish thing. I am deciding where my money goes, and what I am doing or going to be doing because of the word no.

No really made my financial situation and just life in general better.

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