I love good music like the next person. I got people I listen to—a lot. When I was a kid (I still am), I was very impressionable and listen to music a lot more than I do now. 

I read a post on what the tiger king (Netflix show) can tell us about money from the twenty percent. I think it’s a fascinating article and an excellent read.  

I thought I’d combine my hobby if you want to call it that, with Inv3st and see what happens. I set out with nothing in mind with this. There are a couple of questions I want to answer, but this is going to be a more, free-flowing article.  

I want money advice from rappers. If they give it, from that, I will decide if it is good/bad advice for the average person? 

Photo by Jan Střecha on Unsplash
Photo by Jan Střecha on Unsplash

Here it is… 

The Good 

“These were expensive why I’m gon announce it; why I’m showing off for her, she can’t even pronounce it.”  

Tsu Surf

I think this goes hand in hand with; 

Money can’t buy happiness —

 J Cole (Most famous rappers speak on the same kind of lines; Post malone, Eminem etc). 

I can’t comment on this yet but listening to millionaires and rappers (who have done the diamond chains and the new cars life) who talk about it, is very interesting. 

We think money can save us from our problems. I know I have done in the past. People say if I have x, then I’ll be happy. If I have y, then I’ll be wealthy. If I have Z I would have x and y and so on and so on. 

The problem is tomorrow never comes and X turns into Y, and then Z and the whole cycle starts again once there’s a new Lambo or phone or chain. That feeling needs to recharge, and that dopamine hit goes away. It becomes addictive.  

That ten you slept with means nothing now because there’s two more 10’s in the club who just walked in or your girl at home means nothing because 10’s are starting to show their interest now. Them rims you bought to show off to your boys (or the women). Are calm, but if that’s the reason you bought them, then there’s going to be another set coming out next month and then a month after that and turns into an endless cycle. 

Same with ordinary people and iPhones or androids etc. Yours works fine but because you got version 9 and your friends got version 10. You think your ‘behind’ Just because they upgraded the camera a pixel or two you need to buy it. 

If technology is your thing or your hobby, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you genuinely love going into the apple store and getting that iPhone 12 or whatever the one is nowadays then do it! Just ask yourself…

‘Why am I buying this?’

Suppose the answer is anything apart from — because I truly want it for me or it’s for me and no one else (even then for the average person you’ll need to look at your budget and see if you can afford it and even then I would suggest looking deeper than just the surface level). If the answer is women or to impress your mates or to be happy (unless it’s therapy or some form of self-help).

 There’s much better ways to do it. 

Without work, the magic won’t come” — Jay Z

The person who works might not make their dream. Those who do nothing won’t reach their goals at all. We see the glitz and glamour of the rap life but not the nights spent broke in the basement or the work they put in to get the studio time to record. 

They work. Sometimes you see the car or their holiday or the beach photo etc. You don’t see the hours they spent in the studio, or the hours spent writing. Same with life (getting deep now) and money. You know what people spent their money on, but you don’t see them making it. You don’t see the struggle but the reward. 

Social media can be a fake world. You can preach and be ‘doing’ one thing but be doing the opposite. If you make it as a rapper, you have put your time in (Yes, even 1 hit wonders). 

Just look at Juice wrld (RIP) 

He came out with two singles and a whole album after he died. If that doesn’t show how much the kid, people in the industry work, I don’t know what will. 

“I made sure that I built up leverage” — Russ 

There aren’t many situations where the average person goes into signing a contract, but this can still be implemented in everyday situations. Look at what you bring to the table. Everybody brings something. Is yours worth a million presently?

Take Inv3st for example.

No One’s paying anything (or very little) for this blog or sending me emails to get onto my podcast or onto my blog as a feature. I have not build up my leverage enough. Suppose someone comes and offers me a million for it. What is it they gain? 

People are willing to take some risk. That’s why Bitcoin (crypto) does so well. That’s why people win lotteries it’s why people quit their jobs etc. 

If there are a hundred versions of you, why would they be choosing you? Why do they want you? What is the leverage you bring to the conversation or deal? Why would people invest in some strange crypto coin when they can invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum. Why do they come to you and offer the money they do? Be honest, are you worth it? Are they trying to steal from you or make money from you and are you happy with that? 

My top 5 artist to listen to about money. 

A few good mentions, although I don’t listen to all, of my research into a particular artist and who you should be listening to, from most to least helpful. 

5. J. Cole 

I put him last, even though he’s the goat because I have already gone over most of his advice above. 

Don’t get caught up in the life of chains etc. Built wealth (I also did a podcast episode on it) He also brings a little something different. 

I feel like, with rappers, there’s so much complacency. It’s like, ‘Oh, I’m a rapper. I’m successful. I make money. That’s all that matters.’ But there’s a lot of stuff going on in the world. Whether or not you’re aware of it, it’s happening.

It’s good to work and be successful, but if that’s all you have, I rather not be you. There’s so much more to life than a carer and hobbies. Try making a difference, even if it’s a small one. 

4. NAS

I don’t think this guys needs an introduction. 

He covers a lot of the points I made in the Blog already. Staying focused on the right thing is also so important. Staying focused and staying consistent are both crucial aspects to make money. 

“You lose money chasing women… You don’t lose women chasing money.”

3. Nipsey Hussle

His story is very inspiring. From his bitcoin investments (check out more of my writing, or if you are familiar, you’ll know my opinion on that). From his unique way of selling albums and music. 

The article (linked above) goes deeper into his life than I’m going to do here. I think he brings a different outlook to the industry and can help to ordinary people. Please hear me out here. 

“A solutionbuilt by an artistserves the artist more than the solution the capitalist comes up with,” — taken from article linked above — 

The paved way is right. It’s a great way to get into an industry. We know it has worked before, but I think he has a real point. Come up with your way of doing things and getting money.

Following everybody else works. You’re bound to get a job and live a good life, but you’re doing your own thing, finding out what works for you rather than just following those ahead of you than it’s like the blind leading the blind. 

I’m doing a lousy job at explaining this but just because something worked for someone else doesn’t mean it’s going to be right for you to do. Yes, it’s a good starting point but be creative. 

“I Feel That Luck Is A Product Of Hard Work”

2. Russ

This one was a difficult one to pick. I decided to choose someone I follow and listen to a lot. 

His raps alone share a lot of knowledge. A nice change from the guns, gang, women and swear words and mumble rap that all seem so popular nowadays. 

This isn’t my opinion on rap. 

He talks about leverage (mentioned above). Owning your ‘shit’. Passive income and just overall got good advice for artist and anyone doing anything creative and wanting to make ££ from it. I would suggest his book. (He did the same as Jay-Z and promoted his book in his latest music video). 

“Direction is way more important than speed” 

One of my favorite rap lines. 

We get so caught up if we are successful or not, we don’t know where our lives are truly going. I could quote him for days… I’ll leave you with one more. 

I also think he covers the consistency aspect, producing a song each week. 

“Caught up in a dream only I can see, only I believe.” 

1. Jay Z 

From his business investments (He invested into things like Uber etc. and made a lot of money from it). He has a net worth of $1 billion, yes that is a B. He is one of the wealthiest musicians in the world. Forbes took an in-depth look at the rapper (linked above), but I’m just going to do an overview for now. 

I, personally, find building a brand comes from him. You see it everywhere. Nike and Adidas etc. I have already gone over this in this article, but Jay-Z brings this into its own. 

He did creat his own label. Owning most his music, going on joint business adventures. Using his music to sell his business adventures. He screams of a large and professional brand. 

“I Won’t Buy It Until I Can Buy It Twice.”

 — not my top 5 rappers, if that had to be said — 

Top 5 Bad advice or things to not follow. 

Throw a few quick fire ones out to you before we come to a conclusion… 

1. Following the lifestyle 

So many rappers get caught up with buying the chain. Getting the tattoos Showing off their thousands. This is fine but your not building real wealth.

I see average people do this two. 

I have given examples of this before but the rich dudes act like the poor while the poor act like the rich. 

That does happen in the rap game (even if they do say they got a lot). Stunting has always been a prominent part of rap. You’ve got the new kicks, the rims and women and are buying out the club with ease.

I’m a just let that sink in for a moment…

2. The pressure 

The pressure of the industry and their fellow rappers to do just that is put onto them. This goes for the average person too. I know I felt it. 

I have been able to ‘give up’ on it but the pressure does get to me sometimes and I end up spending money I didn’t want to spend. Money I would prefer was in my investments than in a product or thing I no longer use. 

3. Thinking money will solve their (or your) problems. 

I can’t tell you how many times I hear ‘if we only had x amount of money’ There is no problem with this but don’t expect that money to bring you happiness, or the things you buy with cash to do the same. 

I have talked enough about this above. Lets move onto…

4. You don’t have to be a consumer. 

People like 50 Cent and Russ are the ones I take for inspiration for this. You can get so caught up in the lights (and the life — although I have never been apart of the particular life, I mean living the life of your colleagues). 

You can perform at the festivals and not go to the festivals. You can perform at the club and not spend time on the dance floor. You can work for 6 figures but not live the 6 figure life. 

5. Decisions / priorities. 

If music is what you do, then spending 50 grand on a home studio is going to be a lot more valuable than spending 50 grand on a car. 

The same can be said for your average life. (This just got deep

That new phone is great, but what about hiring a VA to handle mundane tasks? What about buying that video editing software rather than those jordans or chains. 

This example picks a little bit too much on clothes, but the same can be said for buying furniture etc. Yes, your sofa is comfortable, but how long do you spend sitting on it? What about upgrading your office chair? Where you probably spend more of your time on.  

My point is a lot of rappers (and normal, everyday people) Got their priorities all wrong. 

In conclusion…

Financial skills are learnt. Just because you got a million doesn’t mean your rich. Looking at J cole, 21 Savage, and so many more. They all start out buying that car or that chain but soon realise the first point of this blog.

It doesn’t solve all your problems… it just creates new ones. 

The biggest one I found was a brand. A brand is so important, even for the average person. It’s why Nike costs so much. It’s why people like 69, Blue face etc. sell so much. They have some talent, but their name sells the albums and singles. 

I didn’t expect to learn as much I did with the research. I didn’t think there was so much out there relating to money and rappers. 

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If there a topic you wish me to cover let me know in the comments or over on twitter/Facebook. 


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