My september overview

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Crowdcube — CHIP. 

I decided to invest in CHIP this month. I have a blog post on crowdfunding on medium (and my website). Where I go over this. It’s still boring to go over fully (go figure) but if your interested in that I could share the information I have on it out and why I decided to go for it. 


I talked about this last month but I see the price going upwards of 500 a share. I think It’s the best stock I have, for the long term and even now with close to 50% return. It’s just sad they don’t pay dividends because I would be getting dosh for that. It is what it is and growth stocks are still okay but I mainly focus on dividends. 

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Another one I talked about last month. I believe in their products (even though I preach about not buying the latest Iphones etc. There’s nothing you can do about my hypocrisy. 😀 

Not much else to add for apple. I know you’ve heard it being used a lot. I think I’m going to take a break from investing in them for a while after this month and try focusing on my etfs and bonds as they are falling behind a little (as a percentage of my overall portfolio). 

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Royal mail. 

Again, another from last month. I see them gaining a lot in the future and it is currently one of my bigger positions.

Um umm

It’s also one of my biggest gainers.

I’ll stop being a mug now. 😉


This is very much a new area for me. I don’t tend to invest into this type of company but a person on youtube (stocks person) perswaded me to invest into it. Yes, it hasn’t done the best job in the past few weeks.

I’m still hopeful for it make money in the future. It pays a fair dividend. I don’t particularly like the depth the asset ratio but they hold a large amount of cash and cash flow, which, in times like these, is a good idea.

Overall I will be checking back in and doing another review of this company in october and I’ll let you know if I decide to sell. For now, I see them going up.


Another growth stock. I don’t tend to like to choose these as I am a dividend investor but I just couldn’t say no to Uber. I think there going to be huge ones the company turns a profit. 

I want to ride that roller coaster up. 

There is risk involved, especially since the company doesn’t pay a dividend. If I am being honest, I wish I invested into TNT instead, as it pays a dividend but Uber is still a great company and I think, once lock down is down, people will be back to taking Ubers. Even during lock down I feel a lot of people ordering takeaway food (which is another side to their business. 

I have an offer over on my website where you can get money off your next ride or money off your next delivery. (: 

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Ishare global clean energy 

I just wanted to mention this ETF over the others because it’s been doing great. 

I want to get more ethical and improve the world and what not (Sounds a little cringey over text). I still thinking if a China etf is a good thing for me to invest into, I know there make it big in the future and there building up to US size (which is scary) but it’s nice to know that you have some money in clean energy and your helping, even if it is just a little. 

What do I know, I’m still a kid. 

TR properties 

REITS. REITS are going to be my next thing I look into and invest more next month. Were just starting off with strengthening our positions in the companies we have now. 


I love football. Dortmund are the 2nd best team in Germany and their finances are decent. They hold a few great/good players and are a team for the future (as long as a manager doesn’t come in a ruin them). 

They have a strong fan base (You don’t know football if you don’t know about the yellow wall). 


  • S&P 500
  • FUTSE world 100
  • etc

I’ll have a blog post going over each one I am invested in (it’s going to be long one). On average these are going to do better than just me investing into the companies I believe in. So although I love choosing investments (and getting them right). I know It’s probaly going to do better so I’m a jump on their bandwagon.

ETFs are perfect for those who just want to start investing and I will be continuing to invest into them.

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I have sold a few too… 

I know, it’s what you’ve been waiting for… The failures… Let’s get into it then. 


I finally let go of my stubbornness. I bought this way back and I decided to take a quick look at the financels again and it’s not a great one for the long term. I took a heavy loss but the money is better in a Zoom, apple ETF or Index Funds. 

Again, it’s boring to get into but Look at the stock now, I’m glad I sold. I would have just gotten more and more into the gutter. 

I have decided to do this a lot during september. 


Yes, another one of my first few buys leaving me. There a lot going for this and if I think there is a future for it. I know there still be doing to olympics etc and the company is a good one. 

I’m just not a huge fan of their debt to asset ratio and the current market for the business is not the best (the pandemic coming back and all). 

Mears group 

I taken many defeats this month. (As you are well aware of) A lot of them are just accepting the wrong decisions I made and knowing the money is better off in a better business module. 

It looks like it’s making a small comeback but It’s not one for me for the long term. 

I wish it well but dam, I glad I got out when I did. No matter what happens. 

Where I went wrong this month

It’s all great me saying all the good things and all the things I have chosen to invest in across this month but I don’t really share many of my mistakes in a month… well here they are laid out on a plate for you. 

I put a lot of money away this month. Although that might (is) a good think I should have been putting some into my emergency fund and into other investment opportunities (like peer to peer lending). 

I need to start separating the money I am going to invest. It’s great it’s all going into an ISA but I want it going into peer to peer lending, index funds (in vanguard) 

This, again, is due to me breaking my budget up into deeper sections. I am trying to get it right to send out to all of you but if I can’t stick to it why would you? It’s all learning and were going to be financially free in no time at all. 

Another would be the consumer mindset. It hasn’t got to me yet but I keep looking up monitors and mountain bikes etc. There not a waist of money, as I would be using them for a long time… It’s been difficult to say no and keep frugal. Especially after I got some money this month, after being so broke. 

We just keep moving. It will get me at some point and I’ll cave… I just hope I cave to something like a mountain bike where I’ll be able to make the money back rather than shoes or whatever else I am looking up. 

I find a walk or giving yourself 2 days to really think about your purchase. 

Is it a impulse buy? 

Than 2 days should suvise and you’ll come to your senses… hopefully. 

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Do you actually need it? 

Are you looking for a new pair of shoes? Do you need them? Are your shoes run down and do you run a lot? Maybe, to prevent injury or it might be a good idea to get? On the other hand do you have 20 pairs and just adding a pair to the back of your wardrobe? 

This (mostly) is personal. There is obvious things , like not needing the new Iphone but then there’s situations, like above, There are situations where you need it… so, what should you do then? 

How expensive is it compared to the competition. 

I am planning on buying a bike or a motorised skateboard so I can cycle/ go to gym work etc without having to nag my mother or use my car (soon to be). 

The reasons aren’t important. I could say this is important and spent 1,000+ on each one of these. So first off we should set a budget. Mine is 300 for the bike and 400 for the motorised bike (I will only be buying one of these but I’m not sure which one at the moment… again, not important).

If we continue with the bike example. Search the bikes across the internet and go to your local shop. Find a bike that suits your needs for around 300.

Is it the cheapest one?

You Might want to put a bit more money on your budget because, usually, the cheapest option is not necessarily the cheapest in the long term (I’ll do another post on this, this month). 

Is it the most expensive? You might want to go down as thieves will be looking for your bike (depends on the kind of areas you go into or where your planning on leaving your bike). 

I usually go mid to low range (because I’m a broke student). If I had money I would choose the mid range. Nothing to fancy but nothing that’s going to cost a huge amount to maintain/fix up. 

Do you want it? 

After the two days, you might still want it but not need it. We all have those items. For me, it’s my jujitsu, skillshare and music. That’s here nor there. 

I would take the upper example but add in your budget more strictly here. I have x amount to spend on a new guitar (or whatever your item is). You could save up next months ‘disposable’ money to buy something more expensive but if you want it. You have x amount of money to buy it. 

This month has been long. I have finally moved house. I can’t find my microphone so I bought a cheap one to start up the podcasts again. So they will be coming back soon. 

Aside from that it’s just been saving and working out and studying. My life is pretty boring at the moment, I guess that could be another reason why I want to impulse buy but I’ll have to look into that for next month. 

Not much else to add this month… What were your revelations and what have you invested in? Let me know. 


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