Everything I did and everything I learnt in August

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Dam I am late with this one. There’s excuses but I don’t want to give them because truthfully… none of them matter. I should be looking out more for my people and doing better. I’ll try to be better next month.
I have decided to take Inv3st a lot more seriously. Over the past couple weeks I have been upgrading the website, upgrading the blogs and my writing and working on outside projects and SM and so much more. A lot of it just isn’t coming to your screens yet…

I love writing all this and talking on my podcast (which will be back up and running within the next 3 weeks). At the moment it’s a hobby but it’s going to be nice to see what it can grow into before the end of the year.

I am slowly learning what to spend my money on and what I can (and should) forgo. I no longer really buy alcohol (only on special occasions). I buy books instead of a netflix sub. A lot of it is just self learning and realising what brings value to me and what doesn’t.

Saying all of that… lets move on.



Okay… I bent.

I gave in.

Apple are a great company. They broke some record which in this month (passing 2B yes B) I couldn’t say no. They split this month and I gained on that but that’s a whole other blog post.

I don’t think there is much else to say on this, only how hypocritical I am. I preach about not buying the most up to date phones and invest in apple? Ah well.

Yep. You can roast me, call me a hypocrite but the apple got me…


Lock down doesn’t seem to be loosening. People don’t want to go to work anymore for meetings etc. They would rather have there morning meeting in there pjays or put on a suit top while chilling in their boxers


Come on… I know you have done it at least once…

Thats where zoom comes in. Businesses schools etc will be using some form of virtual streaming for meetings, classes etc. Zoom is forefront of that.

My only fear is that it’s tech. A rival can come along tomorrow and just put out a better product at better pricing and they become the new kings… it’s how the industry works

I believe Zoom has reached past that point. I believe it’s a household name.

Like apple, like facebook instagram etc.

This definitely has risk along with it but as my major position (I bought a lot of it this month) I am happy.

I am not happy that it doesn’t pay a dividend. I wish it did but I believe in the product and the market is perfect for it now.


WHen I first started off investing, I started with moneybox. They used a simple system with great features. Rounding up your monthly coffee and putting the rest into your savings.

They wait time is minimum. I can see what attracts so many people to it. Even looking at the amount it was able to crowd fund (Another blog post coming on that soon, trust me big things are coming).

I looked over there company and decided why not lose a £11.50 on them.

Research more about this before deciding to go with crowd funding and keep up to date with the blog as I will be posting about my experience and how I do it etc (Remember, none of this is financial adviser, I’m just a teenager trying to save for my future and help others along the way).

My main point for this is the risk is supper high so don’t expect to see this money back. However much you invest.


Same old same old here. I know they will probably bring higher returns then I can do only own but it’s going to be nice to compare how I did with how the ETFs did over the period of a few years.

Not much else to say

  • S&P 500
  • ishares China etf (Still debating the human side to owning this)
  • All the big ones.

I am still working all these out and how much detail I should go into but I don’t want to lose any of you when giving you monthly updates. I’m trying to find the right mix of enough information while not overloading you.

Let me know how I am doing!

Royal mail

I do believe these will be going high. I seen there plans for the future. There already a big distributor in the UK and I think there going to get bigger.

If you want me to do a whole blog post on these companies I am mentioning I can. I just don’t know how interesting that will be for you to read. I just give my overview after all my research is finished (it’s never finished but you know what I mean).

There the biggest distributors of letters (the last time I checked). I believe, in a few years, they’ll be back top, in the UK, for traveling packages.

As long as Elon Musk doesn’t come here with speedy package thing. That man is full of ideas.


I bought a domain, I am dedicating more time to writing blogs, I bought a mic (that can connect to a camera) for youtube videos.

I haven’t put the business side to it yet but I want to move in that direction. I want to help people and get them to skip as much of the bs as they can when they start investing and on their money journeys.

Spending a couple quid on that might move it a longer a bit quicker and more professionally.


6 dividends = £5.22

That is about my average month now. £5.

Some are under some are over but they all average out to that. Nothing spectacular with them. Reinvest and repeat. It still baffles me that I am getting £5 a month freely. I do nothing but save money and buy stocks, etfs etc.

I no longer feel I need to sell my S&P 500 as they have kicked tesla out now.

I am proud of my £5 each month.

I want to get a little personal here if your not interested in that just skip through to the next heading… were not judging you…

I have been moving over the end of this month. As you get older and older it becomes harder and harder to move. You grow to like a place. It is also weird to look at what you spend in different areas.

Take cardiff, where I am now, and in the process of moving from to Bristol, where I lived before.

I bought a load of bus tickets in bristol. Not the best service I ever used but it was the best way to get around.

While, over in cardiff, I find the trains to be a lot better (or just a cycle). I found myself eating a lot of chocolate in wales and a lot of ice cream in bristol.

Does this have a direct correlation? Probably not. Maybe it’s me growing up or just changing my eating habits. Maybe I am looking into this too much as I have been told I do many times…

It’s funny how you feel, act and be in different places. I have never felt at home in cardiff or bristol. A little more in bristol but that here nor there.

My point with all this?

Money is great. I love writing about it and talking investing and all this other stuff (retirement, purchases, my experience etc).

You could be making a million pounds but not feel like home. I’m not saying to get up and move or become a monk or do what I am doing. But…

Nowadays we judge, happiness or life etc on having a big car or a big job or be in a big city or whatever physical thing you use but we rarely look inside.

Some of the happiest people live on miniscule amounts of money. Money that if I looked at it I would stress about my budget a lot more than I do now.

I have always felt like a visitor in Cardiff. Nothing wrong with the place. I actually quite like it. I know if I choose the right career or university, I could make a lot of money and live here.

In my college course I was quite a lot. I haven’t met many people, my own fault, that I find any sort of connection with. Maybe it would be different if I was extraverted or shared my money a little more than I do but it’s not where I want to call home.

Again my point stands. Yes, from the outside your life might be great. Family kids, whatever you dream of. If your not happy from the inside out your not wealthy, no matter the amount of money you have, in my opinion.

That is kinda of why I am deciding to go traveling and trying to make a go of this and probably take you with me. Hopefully find somewhere I want to be, not because it will make me a lot of money but because, on a average day, I will be happy to live and be there.

Okay, it’s over…

There’s been no other big learning (when it comes to money). Aside from all the acne stuff doesn’t work… that’s getting personal again.

I also learnt that after you lose 50% of your initial investment you have to gain something like 80% to get back what you invested… Which is… frustrating.

There is so many companies I would have given up on if that were the case. Were here now and almost getting back into the green (profits). I don’t think my stubbornness is going any time soon…

We live and learn. I said keeping some of them was going to bite me in the ass and that is exactly what it did.

I wish I was a little less stubborn sometimes…

Next month is going to hectic. I’m moving house, learning to drive, starting jiu jitsu up again (along with kickboxing etc). I can’t wait to get my ass kicked… Building a van up. I’ll let you all know how it all goes (:

Once I settled into the new place and get a work schedule up and running l will be posting regularly, not only that, but will have youtube, website, podcast and blog all up and running and consistent content on them. I already have a view lined up, I just need to edit them.

Things will start kicking off mid next month. Blog post 4–5 times a week. Podcasts 2s a week, exclusive content on my webpage.

Were going to built! Lets go!


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